Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Autumn is here

Well once again it's Autumn (Fall for my American friends) and you can sense the changes all around.
The days are getting shorter and the nights are 'drawing in' or as my dear old dad used to say, 'It gets late early' :).
Gardeners are busy sweeping up dead leaves and cutting back shrubs and Roses.
Bonfires crackle and spark, sending plumes of smoke high in the still evening air.
Shadows get longer as the sun gets lower in the sky.
I overheard a comment on the train this afternoon, the young couple in front were chatting about this and that and as the train pulled into a station she said aloud,
'Isn't it amazing how the dead leaves decay and form a bed for regeneration?'
'Yes' agreed her companion.
I didn't quite hear the rest of the reply because the train started to move off and anyway it's rude to listen to others conversations isn't it?
I wanted to shout out about the Great Artist who paints Autumnal scenes in His special way so's you know He is the Creator.
but I didn't.
'Forgive me Lord when I fail to witness, give me boldness for next time. Amen'.

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