Monday, 29 April 2013

Impressing The Great Judge

Down on the beach I strutted and swaggered
Wearing new swim trunks,
‘cause my old ones were paggered
I puffed out my chest so I looked the bees knees
Every fit girl, I was looking to please.

I got some new shoes expensive, right cool
Whilst wearing these I’d be nobody’s fool
The heels were of leather, and the uppers were too 
Ev’ry goose I met, I’d surely say ‘BOO!!‘

I got a new suit, Shark skin real suave
To look my best, a good time I’d have.
Well would you believe it, Steve got one too,
I was peeved, I can tell you.

Went out in my track suit, Best money could buy,
With my nose in the air, I went sailing by,
To much of a hurry, to stop or to listen,
didn’t notice the sweat on their foreheads a glisten

I got me a tattoo, one just for fun,
A little bunny rabbit with a dirty great gun
And I lapped up the praise, adoration an’ all 
But in the night I still felt so small

So what is the point of this little ditty?
Does what you wear make your Heart less pretty?
Is it important to take off what you wear?
to come before God naked and bare?   

Or should I stand tall in my swim trunks and suit
With my fancy tattoo and my leather shoes beaut
My brand new trackies tucked under my arm
To impress The Great Judge with all of my charm

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